European XFEL Workshop, Ryn 2010

The Andrzej Soltan Institute for Nuclear Studies (Świerk, Poland) and the European XFEL project (Hamburg, Germany) jointly organize an International Workshop on X-ray Diagnostics and Scientific Application of the European XFEL. It is dedicated to the presentation and discussion of new concepts and ideas in the area of special diagnostics of X-ray FEL radiation, requesting e.g. the single shot measurement of time domain, spectral and coherence properties. Furthermore, scientific projects involving intense, ultrafast and coherent X-ray FEL radiation will be presented.
The Workshop will be accompanied with a seminar on the rising perspectives on FEL applications for the studies currently carried with quantum lasers and synchrotrons

Place and time

The workshop will be held on February 14 – 17, 2010 in Ryn ( in the Masurian region in northern–eastern part of Poland.

The registration and bursaries application deadline has been shifted to 25.01.2010. Participants are requested to register (at the Indico website). The payment deadline is 31.01, please observe the linked information for participants.


Programme (draft)